samedi 21 juillet 2007

Harry Potter (or, in French: Harry Potter) is coming out today, for the all of 2 people in the world who didn't know.

I am a fan, but not a fanatic. I am not going to stay up all night to attend a midnight sale of the book. Besides, I don't think there was a single store in Marseille that did this. The French version, "Harry Potter et les reliques de la mort" doesn't come out until October, so I doubt there are very few French children who were eagerly waiting the arrival of the book in English today. Except those who are bilingual or who buy the French-English dictionary of Harry Potter. So, how do you translate "Jolly good mate!" into French?

I started reading the books when I was studying abroad in England in 2000. I had heard of them, mostly of the broohaha book burning by Christians in the US, so I was interested in finding out just how 'bad' they were. I bought the first, read it in about a day, and immediately bought the next two.

On the plane moving to France, I read book 6. Someone asked to buy it from me in the airport, but I said no.

When I arrived here, I bought the French version of the second book, "Harry Potter et la Chambre des Secrets" and Alain and I spent about six months reading it together before bed. It was excruciatingly slow going at first, as he had to explain about every third word. By the end, it got better.

The thing that annoys me though about the French version is that names of places, people, and things have been changed.

Hogwarts is now Poudlard

Snape is Rogue

and plenty of other changes that don't make sense.

We watched the movie version of the 4th book "Harry Potter et la coupe de feu" in one of the original version theaters, with French subtitles. This time, for the fifth movie, it doesn't seem to be playing in the original version. I don't really want to go see it in French.

So, I ordered my book, the english version, from Here's hoping it arrives today.

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Emily a dit…

I hope it arrived! It was pretty exciting to see mine in the mailbox yesterday. I have yet to finish it though...

Karina a dit…

Did you finish it yet?? :-) I thought the last one was excellent but am sad that it's finished :(

Just wanted to say that the changes made in the French ones may seem random but there is a logic behind the madness ;-) simply put the French translates are meant to evoke the same kind of ideas as in English, but like you said once you get used to it, it isn't so bad :)

megan a dit…

If you are near Aix en Provence, HP5 is showing at the Cezanne in English.

megan a dit…

Hi Megan!
A church planter is just someone who helps start a new church. My hubby and I work in Aix with an international english speaking church.


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