vendredi 4 juillet 2008
The 101 things in 1001 days is a project where you make a list of 101 things that you would like to accomplish in 1001 days (almost three years).
I have decided to go ahead and do this.
As you will see, it is mixture of travel, financial planning, personal growth, and just plain ol' life.
Here is my list.

1. learn shorthand
2. take a ride in a hot-air balloon
3. go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower
4. have a baby
5. save X€ per year
6. run a half marathon
7. be able to write with my left hand
8. read my daily devotional book (daily)
9. eat frog's legs
10. visit Thailand
11. read 10 classic French books
12. pass the USPTO exam December 2008
13. graduate from the CEIPI
14. try to make two new recipes per month
15. plant some berry bushes
16. visit Corsica
17. visit Grasse
18. make lavender sticks
19. finish at least two of my crosstitch projects
20. hike up Mount Ste. Victoire
21. not buy any new beauty products (such as body wash or lotion) until I run out of the ones I currently am hoarding
22. take better care of my fingernails- file, buff, polish
23. get my eyes LASIKed, if I am a good candidate
24. take better care of my clothes- wash, fold, iron, etc.
25. write to my elderly relatives/friends once a month, as they don't have email
26. visit one museum per month- done July, August, September
27. buy/have made some nice stationary
28. take a picture of every one of Aix's fountains and post on my blog
29. go through closet every six months and get rid of clothes I don't wear anymore
30. drink one scoop of protein powder per day
31. go rollerblading at least three times each summer
32. Finish collecting the US State quarters- working on it
33. Do yoga once per week
34. make the donation I promised
35. sign up for UU worldwide
36. write my cheese blog posts, at least 25 per year
37. get life insurance
38. write my christmas cards in November so that they are ready to send on time
39. finish renovating our apartment
40. eat real escargot
41. write my New Year's cards (for France) by Dec. 15th
42. Get my digital photos developed every 6 months
43. weigh myself once a week
44. open PEL account
45. increase our mortgage payments
46. back up our computer once a year
47. balance checkbook once per month- done
48. buy an original piece of artwork
49. join the American group of Provence- done
50. watch a French movie, in French, once per month
51. go to Farmer's markets as often as possible, try to buy vegetables I don't recognize
52. complete my Soduku expert level book
53. vote by absentee ballot in the nov 08 election
54. buy Lily of the Valley room sprays and candles
55. buy and plant wheat grass seeds every December
56. eat at the Richebois once per year
57. Treat my in-laws to a Bouillabaise meal
58. participate in Switch Witch
59. start another crosstitch quilt
60. go for twice yearly picnic/hikes
61. read Les Miserables in French
62. try every pizza from Chez Cyril- working on it, one week at a time
63. complete my Gaultier Summer perfume bottle collection
64. make solid perfume
65. wear sunscreen every day from June-August- yes
66. buy the ring I have been wanting at the end of the 1001 days if I have completed everything
67. visit Bretagne
68. get some herbal plants and not kill them
69. get my French citizenship
70. go back to US at least twice- Christmas 2008
71. buy a Calligraphy pen and ink
72. don't buy any new perfumes
73. find a store that sells atomizer parts
74. frame Manon's crosstitch and give it to her
75. buy a teapot from Cie Anglaise de Thé
76. go to the beach at sunset and have a pizza, at least 3 times
77. buy 5 new items of clothing thas i wouldnt normally buy and wear them
78. keep a journal of my 101 things- yes
79. see 5 plays, operas, or live performances- seen "The Lying Kind" Dec 08
80. make chocolate chip cookies twice a year
81. make an american apple pie once per year
82. write a list of 101 things that make me happy- list begun
83. learn about wine tasting
84. stop at five wine places and buy wine bottles
85. buy an olive tree
86. visit Meme and Pepe at least once a month
87. write in journal once a week at least
88. visit Bordeaux region
89. complete my "List yourself" book
90. get back into contact with 5 old friends
91. complete a book in NanoWriMo
92. save 1€ a day for 1001 days, and then do something fun with it
93. Read a book on each of the major religons
94. subscribe to one magazine for a year and read it!
95. make two new friends
96. send 2 postcards to PostSecret France- sent one
97. read a book about the history of France
98. clean our bathroom once a week
99. receive 99 postcards
100. send 100 postcards
101. write a new list of 101 things

So starting today, I will end on April 1st, 2011. That sounds like a good date to end, doesn't it?
I will be updating my list, with any and all progress.
Wish me luck!

10 commentaires:

amerigirl a dit…

Pretty hefty list there... Makes me think of that show "My Name is Earl" but your list is of good things you want to do and not bad things you want to make up for. It's like New Year's Resolutions on crack.

Starman a dit…

I can't believe you've been inb France all these years and haven't been to the top of la Tour Eiffel (by the way, it's blue now in celebration of France being the head of the EU).

Anonyme a dit…

Hi, I'd love to send you postcards. I "met" you on the brides website before we were married. Email me with your address if you'd like postcards from various places in the US, etc. Karen

Anonyme a dit…

What is PostSecret France ? I'll pass on a card for the collection when I do AT next Dec.


Anonyme a dit…

Hi I found your blog through a very round about blog reading adventure. I noted one of your items was to pass the USPTO exam. I am in IP and if you would like some recommendations on study resources I would be happy to help you find them.

If you are interested just let me know. If not good luck and best wishes!

Leah a dit…

You have a great list! I forgot that I have a "List Yourself" book that i need to finish too. Good luck with everything!

Café Chick a dit…

Ooh - how exciting! I also have a hot air balloon ride on my list. Good luck with working through yours!

S a dit…

Great list! Good luck!

Uncle David a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par un administrateur du blog.
agou a dit…

I'm going to make a 101 list too. I realized that a lot of people want to taste/buy good wines. If you live in Provence that's a good choice! As for me, I dream to go back to Château de Cancerilles and taste again their "vendanges tardives" wine!

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