samedi 5 juillet 2008

As I was walking through Aix during my lunch break on Friday, I walked past the Compagnie Anglaise de Thes, and saw in their window, their items for sale, of which, this gem figured. He (or I guess she, as you see on the right) is for pouring milk- it comes out through the nostrils. It was originally 40€ (40€!) but was on sale with the cup and small spoon (for sugar I guess?) for 15€. What a deal. I couldn't help myself. I brought her home, and put her in the kitchen and waited for Alain's reaction.

What is this!! Oh no!! Don't tell me you bought this!

But she is funny.

No way. Uh uh. We are not having that in our apartment.

Well, I finally convinced him that we could keep it, as long as I hide her away when people come over. I especially love the little flower that she is holding. What a treasure. :)

3 commentaires:

Starman a dit…

I also think it's cute.

screamish a dit…

It's cute, but it's a little kitsch..and French men DON'T get kitsch.

The Look is way to serious for them!

Melbel a dit…

That is so cute! I like it!

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