mardi 29 juillet 2008
I was a member of the "Association of American Wives of Europeans" AAWE Paris for two years. It was a good group, regular newsletters, a yahoo group, book club, crafts group, Halloween and Thanksgiving parties, etc. However, it bothered me that it didn't actually have ANY activities for people not actually living in Paris. So basically I was paying a yearly subscription for a newsletter. The membership was not too much per year, but I wanted more local activities. This year I did not renew my membership and instead joined the Anglo-American Group of Provence.
It seems to have tea parties, potlucks, American holiday get-togethers, book club, etc. We haven't done anything yet, but I am hoping to be able to participate after the nationwide holiday season is over.
I have been missing contact with other Americans lately, and mainly feel it on the holidays such as the Fourth of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

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poppy fields a dit…

I know some Americans from my town that go to a lot of activities here.

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