samedi 12 juillet 2008
Well, let's start with the most important goals first: trying every pizza from Chez Cyril. This is our favorite pizza place, even now when we live right above a pizza parlor. (For the record, we tried it, and we still prefer Chez Cyril).
So, here are all the pizzas that they offer.

(sept. 28th- 41 more to go!)

Nos Traditionnelles
1. Anchois (anchovies)
2. Fromage (cheese- emmental)
3. Anchois/fromage
4. Napolitain (anchois, fromage)- not exactly clear how this is different than #3, but it is 0.50€ more.
5. Jambon (ham)
6. Champignons (mushrooms)
7. Brousse (a type of cheese)
8. Chèvre (goat cheese)
9. Oignons (onions)
10. Poivrons (peppers)
11. Thon (tuna)
12. Roquefort (blue cheese)
13. Chorizo (a spicy sausage)
tried: ? Verdict: pretty good.
14. Figatellia (another sausage)
15. Gorgonzolla
16. Merguez (sausage)
17. Strasbourgeoise (no clue)
18. 3 Fromages (roquefort, brousse, fromage)
tried: August 7th. Verdict: Okay. Like the 4 fromages but less good. Obviously.
19. 4 Fromages (roquefort, brousse, fromage, chèvre)- our favorite. We have ordered this so many times, that when I call up and say I would like to order a pizza, the woman would recognize my voice and ask "4 fromage?" Oui. I think we don't need to test this one.
20. Mozza
21. Mozza, jambon
22. Mozza, champignons
23. Royale (jambon, champignons, fromage, mozza) very popular in France
tried: many times. Verdict: good.
24. Calamars (octopus)
25. Fruits de mer (calamars, supions (no idea what that is either), crevettes (shrimp), moules (mussels), fromage)

Nos Crèmes Fraiches
26. Fromage
27. Thon
28. Carbonara (oignons, lardons, fromage)
tried: ? Verdict: So so. A bit too creamy.
29. Royale
tried: October 4th. Verdict: just too rich
30. Fromagère (roquefort, fromage, chèvre)
tried: September 27th. Verdict: Very good but slightly burnt crust.
31. Lorraine (champignons, fromage, lardons (small bits of ham))
tried: ? Verdict: Okay.
32. Fermière (roquefort, brousse, fromage)
tried: September 20th. Verdict: Very good.
33. Novégienne (saumon (salmon), fromage)
34. Dijonnaise (moutarde (mustard), saucisse Strasbourg, fromage)
35. Indienne (poulet (chicken), curry, fromage)
36. Paysanne (poulet, oignons, fromage)
37. Tartiflette (pommes de terre (potatos), oignons, lardons, fromage, reblochon (another cheese))
tried: ? Verdict: Good.
Nos Spécialités
38. Orientale (merguez, poivrons, fromage)
39. Arménienne (oignons, poivrons, viande hachée fraiche (ground meat))
40. Marseillaise (thon, fromage, anchoise, câpres)
41. Corse (figatelli, brousse, fromage)
tried: September 12th. Verdict: surprisingly good. I usually don't like chorizo.
42. Forestière (champignons, roquefort, fromage, lardons)
tried: July 4th. Verdict: okay, not a big fan of lardons though
43. Provençale (mozza, tomates fraîches, parmesan, ail (garlic), persil (parsley))
tried: July 11th. Verdict: very good, has a pesto sauce on it.
44. Mexicaine (chorizo, poivrons, oignons, fromage)
45. Basquaise (poulet, poivrons, fromage)
46. Pizza du chef (mozza, tomates fraîches, oignons)
tried: August 1st. Verdict: too many limp onions. Would be better just the mozza. and tomatos.
47. Parmesane (aubergine (eggplant), fromage, parmesan)
48. Campagnarde (sauce tomate, crème fraîche, champignons, roquefort, fromage, mozza, oeuf (egg))
tried: August 22nd. Verdict: Meh. Think it is the egg that I don't like.
49. L'Italienne (sauce tomate, crème fraîche, champignons, jambon, fromage, chèvre, oeuf)
tried: September 5th. Verdict: so-so.
50. Montagnarde (jambon, fromage, tomates fraîches, chèvre, lardons)
tried: July 18th. Verdict: good, but still don't like lardons.
51. Ola (poulet, curry, fromage, tomates fraîches, parmesan)
52. Romaine (poulet, champignons, jambon, curry, fromage, parmesan)
tried: ? Verdict: Okay if you like curry and chicken on pizza. Otherwise, no.

As you can see, we have our eating cut out for us.
Some will obviously have to be choked down. Curry on a pizza anyone?

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Starman a dit…

If you have only one a week, it will only take a year to go through the entire menu. Since you've obviously already started, you don't have that long to go.
On your mark, get set....

screamish a dit…

Oh my god that is a serious menu. ooooh the campagnard...yeah..yum...

Melbel a dit…

Wow, now you've got me really hungry!
I always enjoy your blog. Hope you enjoy mine too!


amerigirl a dit…

Gosh I would kill for a good Hawaiian Pizza....

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