jeudi 17 juillet 2008
For anyone who doesn't know what this is (gasp!) it is the United States Patent and Trademark Office exam, that one needs to pass in order to be a US patent attorney or agent.
It is a 100 question, multiple choice test with 10 questions that don't count because they are test questions for future exams (but you don't know which are the ten dummy questions).
In order to be able to take the test, you need to have a scientific or engineering degree, or some other technical qualifications, and be accepted by the USPTO before you can register to take the exam. It can be taken at Prometric testing areas.
I have decided to try and pass this exam. Why? I don't know. Just for fun I guess?
Hoping that it will help with my European Patent career.
As an American, I can file US patents directly with the US office (once I have passed the exam of course) for European clients instead of going through a US company.
I am going to try and take the exam the next time we go to the US, which will hopefully be for Christmas 2008. That leaves me 4.5 months to work my way through the 2000? page Manual of Patent Examining Procedure.
At least there is no written/oral exam like there is for the European Qualifying Examination.
Wish me a joyful 4.5 months!

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amerigirl a dit…

Wow -- is there lots of work like that here?? How does one get "accepted by the USPTO". I was thinking about getting into this in the US, but didn't want to go to law school...

Starman a dit…

Good luck with the exam. I'm sure you'll do quite well.

Anonyme a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par un administrateur du blog.
Lewis a dit…

Yell if you need any research materials and I'll see if I cna find them- lewis

SleeplessInSeattle a dit…

This is great... my dream. I'll be checking in...

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