samedi 30 août 2008
Whether they are pregnant.

Yes folks, that is what I am subjected to lately.

Apparently everyone has decided that 2 years of being married without starting a family is quite enough and that we had better get going.

The worst is Alain's grandfather.
They really really really want a boy. Partly because they already have a (great) granddaughter, and partly because Alain is the last of his line.
So for the first couple of months, pepe asked me every single time we went to visit them..
"So, have you put on some weight?"
Okay, this is annoying on many levels.
1) No I haven't.
2) Is this a compliment where he comes from?
For the first couple of times I just smiled and said no while seriously wondering where he was coming from. Does he just like hearty Italian woman? Did I actually put on a half a kilo that only he can notice? Then I realized- oh, this is probably just his way, hoping I'll say "Why, yes actually. We are having a baby."
Finally I got fed up and told Alain to say something the next time.
So the next time my (non-existant) weight gain came up, Alain said "Il faut pas dire ça au femmes pepe quand même."

He has asked Alain if anything was "en cours". Kind-of like "brewing" or "baking".

But the absolute best was the following (when Alain was in the kitchen with Meme).
P: Anything on order?
Me: Huh?
P: Have you guys ordered anything yet?
Me: Ordered anything for what?
P: Parents.
Me: Ordered something for my parents?
P: Mama and papa.
Me: My parents have ordered something?
P: Alain papa you mama.
Me: Oh. No, not yet pepe.

Good grief. At some point you wish they would just come out and ask in a straight-forward way without hidden meanings and obscure ways of saying it from the 19th century.

Anyone else know other ways to ask someone if she is expecting in France?
Anyone have any good "none of your beeswax" responses?

Oh, and while we are on the subject of people who actually ARE having a baby, Alain's sister just announced that she is pregnant. Good. Maybe that will get the heat off me for a good 9 months or so.

Perhaps I should have a shirt made that says "Nothing on order yet" and just wear it every time we go see people. Then when I come over without that shirt on, then they can ask.

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Brno girl a dit…

that is so funny...I think it is treated as a very private matter in the US...And I know many people who would just say:" So when are the kids coming?" Or:" You don't want a baby?" (which basically means you are strange...) Old beliefs die sometimes very hard.

Astrid a dit…

Hi Megan!

It is kind of rude to ask if you're pregnant in the first place I think. But I have heard of one reply that might do the trick. But it would leave the asker pretty embarrased and uneasy - well normally at least. (So maybe not for the closest family)

So when you get the question you can say: What if we're trying and trying but can't get pregnant??!

+ this option is open for any theatrical interpretation you'd like to put on show :)

Anyway, as for your question - we live on the doorstep of Toulon.
Have a great weekend! :)

Starman a dit…

If you're interested in the US Presidential election, check this (you may have to click it a couple of times):

screamish a dit…

Yeah, they mean well I guess, but why not come out and say it directly?

Expecting twins I get people asking all the time if I've had treatment for fertility.

THAT is way our of order...after about the first 10 times I realised its like asking if your husband's sperm works correctly or not.

oh well...when it comes to babies and pregnancy, you become public property it seems!

amerigirl a dit…

I think people do that in America too.... My hubby and I were married for almost 8 years before having our little one.
Now I am constantly being asked when his sibling coming....
My best friend would answer my phone calls with 'are you calling to tell me you are pregnant?'.
There is no way to make it go away, even if you say you can't conceive. That just makes everyone some sort of health expert who believe they need to help.
Although I find that French people are more likely to ask about weight then any American girl is ever comfortable with (I only like hearing, have you lost 5kg) AND I find that to be so annoying. I was once complaining to a co-worker about running up stairs because someone was holding the door for me and he told me that I wasn't working out enough and how I need to go to the gym more to get in shape. How rude.

Starman a dit…

Perhaps you could reply, "There aren't enough people in the world already?"

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