mardi 19 août 2008
I sent in my file for my third carte de sejour at the end of July, including a self-addressed stamped envelope (following the directions of "attach 4 stamps"- well, that's great but four stamps of which amount?)

I had done this before, but had never received anything in my self-addressed envelope.

When I collected our mail last Friday from our neighbor who was collecting it for us while we were away, I saw the envelope. Knowing it couldn't POSSIBLY be my carte de sejour, I figured it was probably a notice from them that something was missing. Which, even then would be amazing- wow. they actually contacted me right away to let me know something is missing instead of waiting their usual 10 months?

I opened it up, and it is is a Recipisée (the temporary 3-month card that I had to keep renewing last year) of my carte de sejour, which means that I have filed the paperwork and am waiting for the carte de sejour. What an improvement. Of course, they didn't actually date it three months from the time that my card will run out (end of September), so it is only good until beginning of November. However, this means that when I go to the Prefecture in November to renew it, I can just drop off this old one downstairs and head on up to the waiting room instead of having to wait in the line on the ground floor, show proof that I sent in the file, THEN head up to the waiting room, which will save a good hour or so.

Unless of course they send me the renewed one before this one expires, at which point I will just faint.

Perhaps they figure that they have tortured me enough? Have I passed the Test? (ie- If we can stay married for at least two years through all the hell they put us through to renew the carte de sejour, then they make it easier on us?) Nah.

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amerigirl a dit…

Great News. I guess your Prefecture is better than mine (Toulon) I send in my renewal and am still waiting.... Do I get a reprieved, I have been married to a citizen for over 8 years??

An American in France a dit…

Wow, that's crazy that you had to pay 10,000! I fixed the post, I thought it was free for everyone. That's kind of weird because we wouldn't get it free based on any income clause. Anyway, thanks for the heads up.

screamish a dit…

when will this end??!

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