vendredi 8 août 2008
We are going again this year to San Remo, Italy for a week.
We went for our "honeymoon" in August 2006, but did not get a chance to go last year, as I spent my one week of summer break removing wallpaper while Alain worked on the bathroom.

The first time, the lack of a shower bothered me. I don't think it will quite so much this time, after four months of not having one.

There was a slight problem, apparently the toilet wasn't working, partially blocked up. It doesn't even flush, you have to fill up a bucket in the "kitchen" and pour it down the toilet. Alain was ready to not go, but apparently the problem has been fixed (300€ to pay a company to come and uh, suck, everything out). What a relief! Not having a toilet for a weekend is bad enough.

We plan to leave at 5 am to avoid the worst of the traffic, and also drive when it is cooler out. Oh, and also so that I can go to the market in San Remo on Saturday.

So our plans for this trip: rollerblade, snorkel, eat a lot of gelati, buy some nice Italian cheeses, eat even more pasta than usual, and try not to get sunburned.
What a great vacation!

3 commentaires:

Starman a dit…

The best pasta I ever had was in Milano.

Our Juicy Life a dit…

megan - sounds lovely, please take loads of pictures. how long is the drive? Have a great time and eat tons of food for me!

amerigirl a dit…

Megan -- Not too far from Monaco right?? Looks like it would be about 3 hours from Marseille, you will have to let us know about the trip, I have been want to go to the Italian Riviera.

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