mardi 26 août 2008
As Alain is still on vacation until September 1st, he is working full-spead ahead on our apartment. He is finishing the wall he built in our bedroom for the closet, and now needs to finish re-doing the rest of the walls in the bedroom- fill up the holes with concrete, sand, and then put the MagicLiss on, and sand again. Then the walls will be smooth and ready to be painted. In order for him to access the walls and not get everything covered in dust, we had to move everything out of our bedroom. Now the old armoires are in the living room, all the tools are back in the smallest bedroom, and we had to remove the mattress on our bed. We didn't have any other free space, so we put it on the second bed that we bought, which is in the medium bedroom. It is a pull-out bed, and we have been sleeping on it for a few months now. So now we are sleeping on two mattresses, and are starting to get quite high off the ground. I guess we could also throw the
couch mattresses on there (the couch is technically a bed, and has another pull-out bed underneath). Also could borrow the inflatable bed from the in-laws, and throw some sleeping bags on top.
We have ordered the crown moulding, so hopefully it will arrive in another week or so. Then we can glue it around the ceilings, and start painting! Woohoo! Then we can move back into our bedroom, and clear out the other rooms, paint, finish the living room, and then GET RID OF the sacks of cement, pieces of brick, broken tiles, bits and pieces, etc. The kitchen won't be finished, we still need to install the new sink and the dishwasher, but that can wait. It has been almost two years now, and I think we have both had it. We just want to LIVE on the weekends a little. Go to movies and museums, actually clean the apartment instead of just figuring "well, I could dust, but really what's the point?"
And go back to sleeping on one mattress only.

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Starman a dit…

Two years? I'd be freaking out after a couple of weeks.

Our Juicy Life a dit…

it's so hard living in a place while you are renovating, but hang in there, once it's done you'll be so happy. I know you want it done, but it's OK to take a day on a weekend and do something for you two...then you'll be ready to get back to work, it's hard to just work all week and then work all weekend.

I think it might be fun to sleep on a super high mattress

Astrid a dit…

I just found you blog and this post sounded so familiar that I just need to comment :)

We've been doing slow works on the whole house for a year now. Slow because we try to live in the weekends too, but in the end it drags the pain out because I can't stop thinking of the remaining things we NEED to get done.

And just a few minutes ago I stood in the guest bedroom considering moving a wall to make a closet which it lacks terribly but it's too small to for a flatpack IKEA one :)

I'm afraid there will always be works in need of doing now that we are homeowners...

Have a great weekend and I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine a bit too!!

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