mardi 1 février 2011

As my exams are a month away, I don't have much to say.
So I can either post pictures or patent law questions and answers, it is up to you.

Option 1) Pictures from my life with comments

My first passport picture, on dad's lap. Loving the shirt dad.

Option 2) Patent law question

A European patent application was filed on 3 March 1990 claiming priority from a German Gebrauchmuster filed on 10 April 1989. The patent application was published on 17 October 1990. The European patent was granted on 5 October 1994. What is the last day on which the patent provides protection for the invention?
A) 10 years from grant date - 5 October 2004
B) 20 years from filing date - 3 March 2010
C) 15 years from priority date - 10 April 2004
D) 20 years from publication date - 17 October 1990
E) None of the above

Option 3) Both!

Option 4) Neither! If you don't have anything interesting to say, don't say anything at all.

(which is rather against the whole point of blogging, but oh well)

Please vote in the comments section.

PS: You might get stuck with patent law anyway. In which case, I really do hope most of my readers come back in March when I return to the regularly scheduled program.

6 commentaires:

Notre Vie Juteuse a dit…

I'll go with the pictures. Great photo of you!

~meredith~ a dit…


Toulonnaise for a while a dit…

1, definitely

chcmichel a dit…

Definitely go with the pictures! Very cute!

Mwa a dit…

Were you pooping?

Megan a dit…

Possibly. Who knows? And it is clear you have spent too much time around babies lately!

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