vendredi 11 février 2011
Thought I would change from baby pictures (also, am running out) so I thought I would post my (surprise!) military school pictures.

I suppose this picture will get some reactions.

Yep, that's me as a VMI Rat at 17 years old.

As said before, Dad loves my hair short.

After graduation from high school, I had my hair cut short (though not quite as short as this), to get used to having it short before I got it shaved off here.

Actually, I didn't mind it so much.
1) You're not really given time to shower, wash your hair, etc. so it might as well be short.
2) There are a lot more important things than hair.
3) It does grow back.

Some of the girls shaved their heads completely bald, along with the rest of the guys in their company. They all got in trouble and were confined to post until their hair grew back to regulation length. Which was longer for the girls than for the guys, so slightly unfair. But the girls had started the head shaving party, so I guess it was mostly their fault anyway.

It was odd because one of the girls looked rather cute, even with her head completely shaved, while the other just looked like an alien. Fortunately, I think I look at least presentable with short hair. But anyway, see number 2 above.

I didn't shave mine. This was pretty much as short as it got. Though it did have the tendency to stick straight up from time to time (toilet brush head).

That's why I'm not too fussed now if I get a bad haircut.

6 commentaires:

Our Juicy Life a dit…

WOW. Great shot. I had really short hair back in 2008. It was fun, hard to grow out though. But it made me look older and not interested in that.

deedee a dit…

I'm tempted to cut my hair like that on some days.

Mwa a dit…

Military school! Wow!

I had all my hair shaved off once, when I got bored with my mohawk (which was dyed blond and asymmetric) because people were scared of me all the time. I quite like the way I look with very short hair as well.

Michel a dit…

Megan, you keep surprising us! Military school, who knew?

Starman a dit…

Military school? Your parents hated you or you were a delinquent?

Sara Louise a dit…

I went to TMI (Texas Military Institute) though it was no where near as strict as VMI, from what I've heard.
You look really pretty with short hair :-)

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