dimanche 6 février 2011
Here is a photo of my grandparents (mother's side) on their wedding day.
Grandpa John and Grandma Eleanor.
Do I look like my grandmother?
Perhaps the coloring no, but I think the eyes yes.

He called me "toilet brush head" as a baby, and would slam doors so that I would wake up from my naps whenever he came to visit.
(so that he would be able to see me)

She came and lived with us for several years in South America after he was gone.
If we have a daughter, I want to name her Eléonore (at least as a middle name.) Alain says no. We'll see about that.

3 commentaires:

Mwa a dit…

I love that picture.

Starman a dit…

Was he really as cruel as your commentary makes him out to be?

Megan a dit…

Hmm, no he did it just because he wanted to see me. And yeah, I kinda did have a toilet brush head.

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