samedi 5 février 2011
Here is one of my dad's favorite pictures of me.
You will notice that my bangs are very short.

That is the unfortunate consequence of deciding to play beauty salon with a neighbor kid a few days before school pictures. Mom was really mad and dragged me to the nearest real hairdresser to try and repair the damage. It looks like they put a bowl on top of my head and cut around it.

3 commentaires:

~meredith~ a dit…

LOL! My daughter did that just before starting petite section and ended up with a similar short cut.

Starman a dit…

This is a great picture! I've been feeling a bit under the last few days, so I was kind of surprised to see you on a nostalgia kick. I wouldn't have known your grandpa's name was Aloysius, but I am familiar with the name, though I don't know how I know it..

Sara Louise a dit…

I played beauty salon once when I was a kid too. Total disaster!

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