dimanche 20 février 2011
This is an interesting picture.

The winter uniform (for parades) consists of grey wool pants with black stripes down the sides.
The summer uniform is thin white pants (called white ducks).

Usually in March, (I guess this picture was taken March 23, 2001)
the entire corps of cadets switches from the winter uniform to the summer uniform.

For the seniors graduating in May, there is a ceremony of burning the grey woolies in the sentinel box in the middle of the courtyard of barracks as these pants will never be worn again.

Each cadet has two pairs of these pants, and each senior usually throws in one or both pairs. I think I only burned one pair and kept one for posterity. Actually, I kept almost all my uniforms, which are currently taking up space in my parent's closet.

The entire barracks stinks of burnt wool for about two weeks afterwards.

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chcmichel a dit…

I had my own ceremony on my last day of service (I was drafted), I left everyone of my uniforms in the garbage bins at the entrance to Ft. Detrick.

Starman a dit…

I have no idea what became of my uniforms.

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