jeudi 24 février 2011
In my preparations for my exams next week, I am doing the past years exams. For these exams, the Examiners usually prepare fairly technically simple and amusing "inventions".
The one I am working on this afternoon is a bird feeder to be hung or put on a pole with a guard for protecting the bird food from squirrels.
In the invention, the guard rotates, so that the squirrels slip or jump off.

So I'm having very amusing thoughts in my head of squirrels being flung off a madly-spinning disk, like some bad redneck game, "Squirrel-flinging contest".

Glad this isn't the topic for my exam next week. I'd be giggling in the middle of the examination room, with all the French wondering what is so funny.

I dislike squirrels. Alain doesn't understand why I dislike the disease-ridden rats with furry tails. I think it is because he didn't spend enough time in Vuhginny.
Come to think of it, French seem to like squirrels in general.
Perhaps it is because there aren't any around.

Past examination topics- a prostrate cancer radiation device, a toilet for grinding up waste, an egg shell breaker, a letter carrier.
Where do they come up with these topics?

Found this on Youtube (warning, do not watch if you like squirrels)

Okay, back to studying with images in my head of squirrels being catapulted into the next county.

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Pepe Le Pew a dit…

Americans think kangaroos are the coolest things ever but I bet Australian think they're pests (the kangaroos, not the Americans).

Pepe Le Pew a dit…

One more thing. Remember the old Bullwinkle cartoon? Rocky was a flying squirrel. I wonder how he would handle the squirrel catapult.

~meredith~ a dit…

That video is hilarious. One time in the USA, my French husband took about 100 photos of a squirrel in my Dad's yard. I so did not get his interest in the little rodent.

Starman a dit…

I like squirrels.

Mwa a dit…

I like squirrels. They're cute!

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